Thursday, December 11, 2008 2008 :: Day 3.1

Day 3 :: Post Tea Break session photos from

Policy/Culture Track: Satish Babu chairs the FOSS in Agriculture and Fisheries Policy/Culture Track: Sunil Abraham Free Software, Free Media and Free Culture Technology Track: Kishore Kumar 'RIA and Java FX' Anand Babu (ab) takes over the media room to do a session on GNU/Hurd Programming


  1. The only problem was that many of these sessions used Windows XP or Windows Vista!

    That is what I call twisted irony! A free software seminar powered by Windows!!!

    Check this out

  2. I wonder why you didn't stand up right there and ask him then and there instead of posting in blog now . At least you could have looked me up I would have pointed out his folly.

    Also there were others who used Mac's too and I pointed it out that they them that at least run darwin on it.

    Even I was photoblogging the event using a Nokia phone running S60 I was so ashamed that I decided to do remedy it by doing a openmoko hack session.

    I will ditch that damn phone the moment I have enough money to buy a openmoko or the openmoko lends me one.

  3. why didn't you stand up yourself as you did in cochin. I asked the gentle man to rewind his slides so that I can see his windows requirement clearly. As another guy on fsf-friend said you are trying to hide your photo shots of the javafx event.

  4. Firstly I didn't know kisore was using a windows machine, vu2swx

    And secondly I don't know where that chap got the idea that I doctor my photos. I use a damn shitty phone that gets bad images in the first place.

    Also I don't really participate in these flame threads. :P


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