Friday, December 12, 2008 2008 :: Day 3.5 :: Openmoko Hack Session

Day 3 :: Got a Openmoko Hack session underway in the media hall after the ended.

Watch out here the GPS pigtail doubles as the stylus !


  1. hi Arky. I'm Vipin, u remember me. I was the one who was charging openmoko. Nice pic collection. I just downloaded some. C U.

  2. Hey Vipin I *do* remember you !

    I hope the openmoko session been of some help to you, I'll try to come and meet you in your college sometime soon

  3. Hi Arky ... Cool blog dude!! I remember you from the fsfs conference. You got some great photos and I've copied some for my orkut album. Too bad I didnt know there was going to be an openmoko session :( ... Anyways dude ... Keep up the good work. Live Free !!

  4. Thanks UnniKrishnan, the openmoko session is something I came up with after seeing that the last day technical track lectures were not that great.

  5. Cool pics Arky!

    Just a correction on the participants list: the one student that you refer to as from Slovakia is from Kosovo instead. Thank you! Jeton Mehmeti :)

  6. Hi arky, it's me, arc.

    I just saw this post linked on the openmoko wiki and later realized it was your blog. :)


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