Beginning Ubuntu Linux (Third Edition) :: Book Review

Beginning Ubunut Linux

Most of us geeky free software advocates forget that just handing out CD/DVD of gnu/Linux is not enough to get people started. It is always a good idea to suggest a book that's available in a local book store that will help learning by exploring. There is a lot of documentation and manuals that are already bundled on installation disk and also installed by default but nothing really compares to the joy of reading a printed book.

The current version of Ubuntu is 8.04 , better known by its code name Hardy Heron. And since things change from one version to another I rather suggest a title that is updated and revised to reflect the changes in latest version. Browsing through the bookstores I found this one from Apress publications called 'Beginning Ubuntu Linux' by Keir Thomas and Jaime Sicam. This book in third published edition seems to be a fully revised. It covers not only installation and basic customization but also introduces various Linux Multimedia software and Office tools. The book features a nifty reference of Linux terms and of course a DVD copy of Ubuntu and its derivatives like Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu.

Flight of the Jet Man Yves Rossy

Oh! Boy ! History was indeed televised today, Channel surfing I stopped dead my tracks to watch Swiss Jet man Yves Rossy fly over the English Channel with his custom built wings powered by engines from model airplanes. Thank you National Geographic Channel.
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World Day Against Software Patents

A global coalition of more than 80 software companies, associations and developers has declared the 24th of September to be the "World Day Against Software Patents". … A global petition asking to effectively stop software patents worldwide will be launched on 24 September 2008, together with specific additional requests for certain regions such as Europe, the United States or India. — read more

GNU/Linux Habba in Bangalore

Gnu/Linux Habba in Bangalore

Update (Sep 23, 2008): The event is in Mysore, Sorry for the goof up

GNU/Linux has long been branded as an operating system used by geeks. The freedom the free software comes with is also arguably more apparent to geeky users than the normal computer users.

But on Sunday, 21st September, 2008, geeks, non-geeks, users and fans of GNU/Linux are getting together at the auditorium of Physics Department, Mysore University to share with you information on this wonderful world of Free Software (Free as in Freedom) and GNU/Linux. They will explain you what the freedom in software is about and will introduce you to GNU/Linux.

We invite computer users to take part in the festivities celebrating GNU/Linux and free software (free as in freedom) where volunteers would not only show you the applications you could use to do your day to day computing on GNU/Linux, but also help you install GNU/Linux on your laptop if you bring one. Free software is not essentially free as in "Free Beer", but gives you the freedom to change the software that you received or paid for.

If you are frustrated with Viruses on your computer running a proprietary software, here's your chance to break free from it. GNU/Linux Habba was started in Bangalore with its first edition in April this year by volunteers of Sampada Community to not only spread the word about free software, but also to introduce GNU/Linux to the non-technical computer users. The first edition organized at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore received tremendous response with more than 377 registrations running up to the event. Many participants installed GNU/Linux on their Desktops/Laptops and learnt how to use Kannada on it. From NGOs to Public sector officials keen to learn more about GNU/Linux - many people participated in the event. Following the success of the first edition, the group of volunteers behind the event decided to extend the festival to other cities in Karnataka, starting with Mysore. The second edition of GNU/Linux Habba will be on 21st September, 2008 at Physics Department, University of Mysore.