Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Shoot On Vallayani Lake

Thorsten, Jessica and me at the photo session on Vellayani lake near the campus.


Pre-Shoot Misadventures

First Dunk! Come back we have left Thorsten behind Second Dunk! There goes my glasses! Ah found them. Arr that looks too big for me.


  1. Great photos dude. BTW I read a news report in the New Indian Express day before yesterday about M Arun, the FSF secretary & Joseph Matthew, the IT secretary getting fired and about the hand of Microsoft in this. How is the TVM FOSS community responding to this?

  2. Thanks Unni, I heard about that but I haven't really talked to anyone in TVM groups yet.

  3. Me and my friends at my college are really pissed off about the whole situation. We hope the govt reverses it's decision, as well as the ICFOSS project to continue as planned.

  4. Really nice photos Arky!

    Beautiful place!

  5. Thank you Graziano! I am in love with this place and decided not to go back to city.


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