Friday, February 13, 2009

Linux Wx Notation Phonetic Keyboard layout for Devangari (Hindi)

Few hours ago WX notation phonetic keyboard layout for Devnagari(Hindi) has been included into Ubuntu. This closes the ubuntu #274024 and freedesktop-bugs #19753 reported last year. This is a great news for the Wx keyboard users, they can now have this keyboard layout by default in gnu/Linux.

While at University of Hyderabad I had copy the symbols file for the keyboard layout every time a new gnu/Linux system was installed. Its wonderful to see a solution developed for use inside our lab has been contributed back to the gnu/Linux community worldwide.


  1. Thanks for calling the system GNU/Linux giving credit to the GNU project who started the operating system 25 years ago.

    Personally I don't like Ubuntu because it suggests and ships many non free stuff.

    This is why I chose a fully free GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and called gNewSense.

  2. You are right! Since I am now working with blind and low vision I am running the lab at IISE with orca and gnome desktop. Right now I use ubuntu coz its got the latest stable release of gnome.


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