Saturday, December 26, 2009

Linux at Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium workshop

Last week I traveled to Hyderabad to talk about 'Linux for Linguists' at the Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium workshop. Department of Sanskrit studies, University of Hyderabad organized this national workshop titled "Sanskrit and Computers, Getting equipped to face new challenges". University of Hyderabad Main gate Sanskrit computational linguistics workshop poster

Few years ago I spent sometime working with newly created department of Sanskrit Studies learning the fundamentals of computational linguistics. I return to the department every year to work with the researchers. They use Ubuntu Linux for their work, the Ubuntu logo kolam at the entrance of the workshop was a surprise. Ubuntu logo kolam

Linux Talk In Sanskrit

The event had yet another surprise in store for me. Thirumala Kulkarni introduced Linux in the Sanskrit, one of oldest language of the world. Can you match that ! . Thirumala Kulkarni linux talk Prof.Amba Kulkarni and Thirumala Kulkarni the participants of the workshop

Linux For Linguists Slides

The first part of my talk was a demo of Ubuntu Linux LiveCD and how to install Ubuntu Linux on their personal computers. In my talk I introduced Linux and its numerous toolset that can be used for linguistics research. The talk was peppered with humour rather than technical jargon and I ended my talk asking the research to contribute back to the Ubuntu Linux project.

Prof.Amba introducing arky the geek q arky giving the lecture

The response from the participants of the workshop was very positive and inspiring. The event did generate a lot of interest and hope it will help more people adopt gnu/Linux for their research work.


  1. Rather than just focussing on Ubuntu, you should have talked on GNU/Linux as a whole.

    Anyway Great Work !

  2. You are right! Ujjwol

    I'll try to keep that in mind! Thank you

  3. Thanks Arky. Though I missed initial three days, I could get yours and Dr. Tirumala's presentation through your blog post.



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