Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bait Seaside Restaurant, Kovalam beach

Taj Green Cove in Kovalam, Trivandrum opened a new seaside restaurant Bait. If you are craving for a good thin crust pizza then you should try Bait's wood chip oven baked pizza the best in town.

The restaurant is designed by local architect Vinod Mathew, he showed me around this amazing place. The restaurant is constructed on raised platform of solid timber away from reach of high tide. It has some of best view of the beach, the lake on the other side and Taj Bali village style cottages further inland.

Old wooden railway sleepers are layed all around the building adding texture with their weathered look, they are used because of their amazing resistant to sea water. The restaurant flooring is created with concrete mixed with gel and coloring agents, the bathrooms are great example of how you can use concrete to create great surfaces. The bar stools are created from single block of wood, the chairs are custom designed with bamboo string backs. The deck chairs are custom designed and built in Vinod's workshop. I won't blame you if you doze right away in these comfortable chairs. The ceiling is covered with elephant grass and grass hand woven mats covering inner roof.

Bait Seaside Restaurant
Wooden Railway Sleepers

Bait Seaside Restaurant
Custom Designed Furniture

Bait Seaside Restaurant
Watch the fisherman bring in the catch
Bait Seaside Restaurant

Bait Seaside Restaurant
Meera enjoying in the children play area

Bean bags for adding comfort

Bar with wooden block chairs

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