Friday, August 20, 2010

Ralink Wireless support in Puppy Linux

Gecko Edubook
My Gecko Edubook has a Ralink wireless USB adapter. Later models of this ultra-cheap netbook shipped with more ubiquitous wireless cards from Realtech. You have to get the download the firmware and blacklist few modules to be able to use Ralinux wifi wireless card in puppy linux 5.1.

Download the firmware for RT28XX/RT30XX USB series (RT2870/RT2770/RT3572/RT3070) zip file and extract the rt2870.bin file to /lib/firmware.

Next use the BootManager configure bootup program to blacklist rt2800usb kernel module and enable rt2800sta module instead. These steps should enable Ralink usb wireless card support in puppylinux.


  1. Worked like a charm! I had just about given up on Lucid Puppy.

  2. Whoa!

    Iĺl give this a try with my carage computer. Hold on to your hats. Iĺl get back to you tomorrow.

  3. did it work?
    i got the same problem

  4. Thank you very much. Works fine with my LogiLink WL0049A USB dongle and Wary Puppy 5.2.2

  5. Glad that worked for you Andrea!

  6. Hello.
    Did as instructed.
    However, cannot find rt2800sta module; how can I enable it?

    Thank you, Claude Lavoie.

    Puppy Linux 5.3.3 Slacko, frugal install
    Thinkpad T23, 512 Mb RAM
    USB Wireless Belkin F5D8053


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