Sunday, August 22, 2010

Origamic pop-up greeting cards

Spent the Sunday evening walking through the night market in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Among the mire of people, stalls, street vendors I saw something truly extra ordinary. The origami pop-up greeting cards made by Anh's and her family. The craftsmanship and detail of these cards are amazing. It is not very easy to find this stall at the night market, you can visit the ORIGAMIC shop at 85 Hang Gai Str, Hoan Kiem Dist. Hanoi( #084-4-39386787).

Origami pop-up greeting card of norte dame

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  1. I'm Anh. Thank you for your comment, Arky.

    We are independent designers and producers of quality pop-up cards. We make special pop-up cards with inspirations of origamic and kirigami art. We offer a wide variety of elegant and unique designs for everyday and special occasions.

    With the varieties of styles and designs, whatever the occasion, we are confident there is something for everyone.
    We can customize your Corporate Greeting Cards order by professionally printing your company name or message inside, printing your address on the envelope flap, and even logos.

    All our pop-up cards are handmade and made in Vietnam.

    If you like and want to order, please contact me via

  2. Hi, I have bought some from Hanoi last month, I do not know whether is made by you or others. I would like to know if I want to order 200pcs different designs, how much would it be? Thank you.

    1. Perhaps you might want email ORIGAMIC shop directly. The contact information is published in the blog post.


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