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Drush command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal

I haven't heard about Drush command line tool until recently. Books about Drupal do not talk about this nifty tool, not even the advanced ones. Drush takes the power of command line, it can be savior for lazy hacker like me. The only prerequisite for using drush is secure shell access to execute commands on your web server server. First thing I learnt to do with drush is download, upgrade and enable modules. It a quick and efficient way of upgrade modules. # /usr/share/drush/drush disable link The following modules will be disabled: link Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y Link was disabled successfully. [ok] # /usr/share/drush/drush uninstall link The following modules will be uninstalled: link Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y link was successfully uninstalled. …

Software Freedom Day 2010 Hanoi Linux User Group Vietnam

Ubuntu Accessibility Talk at Hanoi SFD, 2010

This weekend I gave a short talk highlighting Ubuntu Accessibility at Hanoi Linux User Groups Software Freedom Day 2010 event. Giving this talk was quite a challenge, I had to remember to stop every few sentences for Yang to do the Vietnamese translation. (Thanks for a splendid job Yang!) You can download the slides online from the Ubuntu Accessibility Scribd page.