Monday, August 22, 2011

Mozilla Localization Camp, Hanoi

Last week we organized the Mozilla Localization(L10n) sprint at iWay in Hanoi. The event is first in series of Mozilla Localization (L10n) sprints across Asia. The sprints try to increase contributions to mozilla localization and engage Mozilla Localization (L10n) contributors.

Few active contributors from various localization projects; Tuan(Fedora), Vu Hung(Mozilla), Yang (Ubuntu) and Dung (Sahana) joined the sprint. The small gathering of experienced contributors provided an interactive sessions. We expected more participant however those who confirmed their participation at Mozilla Localization coffee meetup didn't show up. The sprint lasted for more than 3 hours. Later we head to nearby Bia Hoi for round of beers and light lunch.

Narro is web based wiki-like collobrative translation tool. The participants of the sprint were happy with simple interface of Narro. They quickly understand the basics of Narro. I explained how to use commenting, review and voting options to do peer review of the localizations and pointed out feature that would speed up localization. Working with Narro with increasing connection time-outs. During the Narro downtime, Tuan and Vu Hung shared their translation workflow. Tuan found Narro easy to use than Pootle and Yang suggested numerous improvements to the Narro UI and workflow.

Clearly the positive response to the mozilla localization sprint. Tuan expressed interest to talk about Mozilla localiztion at SFD 2011 and having more community driven localization sprints. The goal of such sprints to generate interest and have more community driven localization events.


  1. Congratulations on this event. Looks like it was very productive! I can't wait to see more of these localization sprints happening across South East asia. This is the perfect example of an event that can be supported through the Mozilla Reps program (


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