Saturday, September 24, 2011

Software Freedom Day 2011

Software Freedom 2011 is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom! Every year there are thousands teams organizing Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities. Let have a look at Software Freedom Day 2011 event in India, Singapore and Vietnam.

Chennai, India

Dwarak published his Software Freedom Day 2011 experiences in this Mozilla India blog post. Mozilla project won the best stall award.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ha Quang Duong gave a talk about Mozilla L10n activities in Vietnam. Mozilla swag was given away at the event, Thanks Yang for taking care of Mozilla swag distribution.

Photos by Phan Trọng Khanh


Preetam Rai represented Mozilla at SFD2011 in Singapore. You can view more picture of the event on Preetam's facebook album.

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