Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mytop MySQL Monitoring Tool

If you are a developer or systems administrator who know the MySQL server performance in real time. MyTop tool is just for you. Designed like the traditional 'top' unix program Mytop displays MySQL server information, current mysql processes. It also lets you view complete query information and allows you to kill any MySQL processes. You can get mytop program using systems package installer or download it from mytop project website.

You can launch the mytop in the system terminal using the following command line options.
$ mytop -u username -p password -d database

Press f to view full description of selected MySQL query and k to kill the the MySQL process.

You press ? anytime to view more keyboard commands.

 $  mytop -u username -p password -d database

MySQL on localhost (5.1.54-1ubuntu4)                    up 0+06:01:44 [16:26:50]
 Queries: 91.0    qps:    0 Slow:     0.0         Se/In/Up/De(%):    21/00/00/00
              qps now:    0 Slow qps: 0.0  Threads:    4 (   2/   0) 00/00/00/00
 Cache Hits: 17.0  Hits/s:  0.0 Hits now:   0.0  Ratio: 89.5% Ratio now:  0.0%
 Key Efficiency: 100.0%  Bps in/out:   0.2/ 19.0   Now in/out:   8.3/ 2.1k

        Id      User         Host/IP         DB      Time    Cmd Query or State 
        --      ----         -------         --      ----    --- -------------- 
        50      root       localhost      narro         0  Query show full proce
        53     narro       localhost      narro        24  Sleep                
        54     narro       localhost      narro        24  Query SELECT DISTINCT
        45      root       localhost                  543  Sleep                

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