Sunday, November 27, 2011

FOSS Asia 2011

Vu Hung, Mozilla Vietnamese Localization contributor from Hanoi participated in FOSS Asia 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He shares his experiences in this blog post.

Here is a short report for what I (Vu Hung) did present in FOSSASIA.

Arky, who has been helping our open source comminities, especially in building Mozilla community in Vietnam was the best person to give a talk on that, but he was busy with an event in Eupore, so there I go :)

The theme of the event is "mobile".

I had 2 talks and a workshop in this event.


An introduction to Vietnamese translation for Mozilla products.

Narro is the tool the translation, and not like for translating .po file Mozilla has a special format for language files so Mozilla team (Arky is one of them) had developed Narror to help translators.

Mozilla mobile technologies

The title of the present was made by Ms. Phuc but the content of the talk focuses on the technologies that Mozilla is using, this will help audiences (mostly students) have a basic knowledge on what is used and cooked in Mozilla.
I also pointed out that Mobile/Smartphone, cloud computing and open web are the trends that Mozilla is working on.


I introduced two projects that LibreOffice is working on at very begining stage:
LibreOffice on smartphone (Android) and LibreOffice on the cloud. Imagine that the share of PCs is decreasing, while the number of (smart)phones and tablets are increasing.


My talk is based on the talk I have presented at Thai Nguyen university. The goal of the workshop is to show how to manage IT projects in an agile way.
I have covered a lot of facets in software and non-software project management. 100+ audiences have attended the workshop: Thank you for joining the workshop :)

FOSS Asia 2011 Photos

You can view the FOSS Asia 2011 event photos on Vu Hungs Flickr stream.

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