Saturday, June 22, 2013

Efforts continue to promote Firefox Maithili

Maithili is the native language 34.7 million people in Northern India and Eastern Nepal. In college I would try to follow the friendly banter in Maithili listening for similar sounding words in Hindi. It was only later while working on computational linguistics that I truly appreciated the richness of the Maithili language.

Firefox Maithili was released last year, making it 78th language to be added to Mozilla localization. The challenge of localization does not end after translating and shipping Firefox.Today Mozilla Maithili Localization team continues their efforts to promote Firefox Maithili by organizing workshops.

Maithili is not only a language, it is also a source of rich wisdom – Mr. Ajay Kumar Jha

On 29th May 2013, Mozilla Firefox Maithili workshop was organized by community of Maithili Computer developer working under Bhasha Ghar, a group of volunteers working for small languages having less resources. Mozilla Firefox Maithili workshop was a full day workshop where the community working with Mozilla along with some experts of Maithili language sat together to discuss the issues and challenges related to Firefox Maithili.
Read the complete Mozilla Firefox Maithili Workshop Report May 2013

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