Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mozilla Taiwan Localization Sprint

Last week I traveled to Taipei for localization sprint with Mozilla Taiwan community. The community translates various Mozilla projects into Chinese (Traditional)(zh-TW). The goal of a localization sprint is to bring together new and experienced translators under one roof. Such events help promote knowledge sharing through peer learning and mentor-ship. Special thanks to Michael Hung, Estela Liu and Natasha Ma for making the Mozilla space available and inviting by providing Pizzas.

The event began with a short introduction to localization by Peter Chen, followed by a brief overview of various translation projects such as translating Mozilla Support (SUMO) by Ernest Chiang, translating Webmaker by Peter Chen, translating by Toby, translating Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) articles by Carl, translating Mozilla videos with Amara tool by Irvin and translating Mozilla Links by Chung-Hui Fang. The speakers then organized participants into topic specific working groups, based on each individual's interest.

Arky at Mozilla Taiwan localization sprint

It was interesting to see how people used various tools such as Narro, Pootle, Transifex and even Google Docs for translation. It gave me an opportunity to observe and note some of the potential problems in the translation process. At the end of the day, everyone gathered to share and present their group's work. The also took time to answer question that participants had. All in all it was a very productive and enjoyable event. Mozilla badges were issued to recognize the participants' contributions.

Check out the event photos and etherpad for additional details. The Mozilla Taiwan community will continue to translate during their weekly MozTwLab meetups and a follow-up event is planned for the sprint 2014.

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