Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3D scanning with mobile phone

You got a 3D scanner in your pocket right now. It's your mobile phone. The innovative 123D Catch application let's you turn ordinary photos into 3D models. You can edit these 3D models and print it with a 3D printer. The 123D Catch is available for iPhone, Android, Windows PC and web app (Works only in Google Chrome).

Go forth and 3D capture the world around you.


Looks the services was down during the weekend. Login page spewed the following error. Now the service is back online.

{"CODE":100,"STATUS":500,"MESSAGE":"Internal server error | URL Parameters:afc=PA1ON1&locale=en-US&ssl=true&relative_redirect_path=/login-redirect","DATA":{},"ERROR_ID":"175e100e-e932-4e37-81aa-bab52ec0ae5c"}

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  1. Not so impressed. You need good light, clear background and manual focus anx exposure. Not sure if its the app or my phone that screws it up when it comes to focus and exposure. Also not clear about in app purchases


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