Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quake style drop down terminal for Gnome-Shell

Have you ever craved for Quake style drop down terminal?. In this post I'll share how to setup one on Gnome-shell desktop. Let's get started by installing the Drop down terminal extension from Let's test if it works. Press '~' to active the drop down terminal. Usually U assign 'Alt+F12' hotkeys on my computer. Here is the video of drop down terminal in action.

Let's customize the drop down terminal to launch in full screen mode. In the extension preferences I have set the terminal height to 800px. You have play around with transparency settings to show the underlying windows.

Gnome-shell Drop down terminal extension settings

Another good customization is to launch tmux. You can do this by setting custom command to run instead of launching the default shell.

That's it folks! Now you can enjoy the Quake style drop down terminals on Gnome-shell. Here is video of my setup.

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