Thursday, September 1, 2016

Noisebridge Hacker Trip to China #6

If you are excited by my previous post about Shenzhen the silicon valley of hardware, then here an exciting opportunity to visit China with fellow hackers and makers.

Every year San Francisco based Noise bridge hackerspace organizes a trip to China. This trip gives makers and hackers an chance to learn what's happening in China.

This year the trips covers vast tracks of China from Beijing to Hong Kong. You'll have an opportunity to attend various events such Shanghai Maker Carnival and Maker Faire Shenzhen along with a visit to local maker spaces and hackerspaces.

Here is tentative schedule.

  • 10-October-2016 -- Leave home for Shanghai (arrive in Shanghai on 11-October)
  • 11-October-2016 -- Meet in Shanghai (hotel TBD)
  • 11-October to 17-October -- Shanghai
  • 15-16-Oct: Shanghai Maker Carnival
  • 17-October to 19-October -- Hong Kong
  • 19-October to 24-October -- Shenzhen
  • 21-23-Oct: Maker Faire Shenzhen
  • 24-October to 1-November -- Beijing
  • 1-November-2016 -- fly home (arrive NA or EU on same day)

Send an email to the organizer and put your name up on the Noisebridge hacker trip to china #6 wiki page . Too bad I couldn't join the China trip this year but I'll try to join the next trip.

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