Saturday, November 29, 2008 2008 :: Day 4

Day 4 @ 2008

Indic BOFIndLinux Project BOF Indic BOF Indic BOF  Beacon project workout at foss.inBeacon Workout Apertium project talk Sharing ideas after Apertium talk Sachin Joshi ASR talk Sachin Joshi demo's his Hindi ASR system Flashing the Neo FreeRunner Connecting the FreeRunner with an USB cable and reseting it to boot from NOR dfu-util in action dfu-util in action flashing kernel/file system to neo freerunner dfu-util writes the kernel and File system images to the device Fedora Party On Just Messing Around ! OLPC XO in Few more OLPC XO's sighted Lou B├ębert brought it his ubuntu studio turntables hookup XwaX UI External USB sound card ( look at scheme diagram) Ubuntu Studio PC Aasim tries his hand at DJing Ramki nails another victim Don't wanna sing Don't wanna sing!


  1. Yo!
    What is the license of your pictures? Can I reuse them?
    See you.
    Dj Bebert ;-)

  2. Yeah, you may reuse the pictures Lou Bebert !


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