Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Software for Movie industry workshop

The Free Software for Movie industry workshop is scheduled for 10:30 am on 18th December 2008 at Hotel Horizon, Thiruvananthapurum (India). This event is organized during the 13th International Film Festival of Kerala by free software community.

About Free Software and cultural products

Free Software is software that gives users the freedom to use, copy, share, study, and modify. The freedoms also make it possible to get the software free of cost. The Free Software Movement, started about a quarter of a century back, is a global movement today and a number of governments and public and private organisations are opting to use Free Software for their purposes.

The Free Software movement pioneered the various movements for freedom in the digital world -- for instance, free knowledge represented by Wikipedia or freedom of creative works from copyright restrictions represented by Creative Commons. We also see a new form of social production where collaboration becomes more important than competition, where people from different parts of the world co-operate to create digital products including documents, music, movies or software.

Free Software for Media production

Software for movie production, such as video editors, sound editors and animation software are now available as Free Software. Blender, for example, is a powerful tool for 3D animation that is becoming popular. Two short animation films have been created by a group of volunteers under the initiative of the Blender Foundation and released for free downloads.

Digital technology, along with Free Software, is democratizing the media by virtually converting every home into a digital media production house. It's also fostering a free culture where people build and share music, animation and other forms of media. Free software media tools like Ardour and Blender are becoming popular among creative artists. Personalities like Gilberto Gil (Former Culture Minister of Brazil, and a musician) have been promoting free software and the free culture among artists.

Free Software - Revolution In Film Making

Workshop on free software for film making will cover

  1. Impact of digital technology in cinema
  2. Inevitability of technology for the low budget/zero budget film makers
  3. Free software - A comparison
  4. Free software - explosion in film making

Speaker Bio

Anil Nair CEO, Cinesoft systems and services Pvt Ltd , Cochin Anil Nair has 8 years experience in film Industry. He was the technical Director of Malayalam Movie "Moonnamathoral" (First Digital Cinema in India). He has been developing and promoting Free and Open Source for VFX, Animation, Editing (off line and On line) and DI. He is CEO Cinesoft systems and services Pvt Ltd in Cochin (India)

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