Monday, December 15, 2008

Wikia Search :: Opening up the Search

Jimmy Wales at Jimmy Wales had talked about few of his new initiatives at conference in Kerala, India.

Wikia Search Project Search Wikia is one of them. Unlike other search engines the methods of search indexing (algorithms) are open for all to see and understand. Would it change how the search engines work in future is yet to be seen.

Wiki Green Project Another one is Green Wiki, it aims to become the global clearing house of all information pertaining to Environmental Issues,Sustainable Living and the interesting "How to" pages that tell how you can start healing the planet right from your home .


  1. Wait a second, I thought Jimbo was in India to talk about Wikipedia Academy, not his FOR-PROFIT (and "completely separate") Wikia ventures.

    So, who exactly paid for Jimbo's airfare to India? Wikia, Inc.? Or, the Wikimedia Foundation?

    Hundreds of thousands of people have contributed to Wikipedia. It would seem that its interface is "self explanatory". So, could someone explain to me why two executives had to burn jet fuel and dollars to travel all the way to India (anyone ever heard of a web-cam?), to let Indians know that they are allowed to click the "edit" button on Wikipedia?

    With cost-efficiencies like that, now I understand why Sue Gardner's rattling the tin cup for $6 million in 2009.

  2. Hey Gregory, Jimbo talk at is covered in detail here

    I never heard of these new wikia projects hence I blogged them here.


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