Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naranda Muni Assocation

Juan says 'I now dub thee, president arky'
Initiation into Hipatia community Browsing this blog on Nokia N95 at the IFFK in Kerala No, I am not santa, You can't have this Nokia N95 for Xmas Juan with a malayalam poet after the screening Outside Buraq for dinner Juan shows off his 'Guest' badge at IFFK Food on my mind !


  1. Ah! thank you sajith. Juan told me he had seen the documentary about Ayyappan and was really out the cloud to meet him at the festival.

  2. Hey Arky, from wikipedia:

    A. Ayyappan is a renowned Malayalam poet in the modernist period. Born in 1949 in a wealthy goldsmith's family, he lost his father at an early age. His mother committed suicide shortly thereafter. Ayyappan was supported by his sister Subbalakshmi and his brother-in-law V.Krishnan.
    Ayyappan started writing poetry when he was a student. He became involved in the Communist Party and joined the staff of Janayugam, the party newspaper. Ayyappan is well known for his heart touching poems and his bohemian lifestyle. He can also be considered as the last remaining icon of anarchism in kerala. He was a close friend of the late filmmaker John Abraham. Important Works
    1. Mulamthandinu Rajayakshmaavu.



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