Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pqi i810 : Worlds Smallest USB Flash Drive?

Pqi i810 series USB flash drives from Power Quotient are extremely tiny in size. They not much larger than your finger nail. But don't let that fool you they pack lots of storage space, the one that landed in lap was whopping 8GB. And they are cute and pink :) . The Power Quotient product page claims that these are world's smallest USB flash drives. However I didn't find any reference to this neither on Engadget nor anywhere else on the web.

Pqi i810 product image from Power

At first glance its looks more like a MMC card than a USB slot. It really felt strange to plug it into my USB drive. Like most exotic hardware I thought it would be a pain to make it work with gnu/Linux OS. And Surprise, surprise it worked just fine on my Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 laptop.
The USB Id's of this device are given below. Bus 002 Device 006: ID 3538:0059 Power Quotient International Co., Ltd If you are planning to buy one, go ahead and indulge yourself.


  1. Yo Arky. Tweet me @raifster. Goot meeting ya, look forward to more conversations - Raif.

  2. They just get smaller and smaller! And here I have a hard time keeping track of my two-inch-long 2gig drive =/

  3. Yeah Raif, You simply rock man. Added you to my tweet list.

  4. Yeah, I lost one of my cruzer micro pendrive for couple of days and I was so pissed.

    Where did I find it ? In my laundry. :P

  5. Smallest USB Flash drive? That's a NO.

    The EagleTech Nano Flash drive is the smallest as of 6/25/09.

    Read Engadget's post about it:

  6. @Anonymous Thanks for heads up


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