Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jump-start Camp on Web Technology For Non-profits

A four-day workshop on the essentials of using open-source software for non-profit uses. Workshop content will not be demanding in terms of existing skills and will require only curiosity, enthusiasm and openness for successful participation. This workshop will act as a catalyst for concerned individuals, resources and urgent needs in the field of web technology for non-profit use. The potential for non-profits to use the potential of web-publishing, social networking, online communities and SMS will be explored through case-studies and examples as well as rapid hands-on exercises.

For this workshop the OpenSpace Pune website will be taken up and as an exercise and as a project and in the four days we will learn quick and effective ways of using free and open source software to address the needs of a network based organization like OpenSpace. Tools for networking, discussion, mass-action, advocacy and activism will be explored. Enthusiastic workshop participants will have the opportunity to continue an engagement (with a stipend and other benefits) with OpenSpace for the technology projects.

To apply email Renu Iyer at with the required information requested on the events page.

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