Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PyCon India 2009

Most action happens on conference sidelines PyCon India 2009 is no expection. You can always watch the recordings of talks later on. Catching up with friends comes first. Sharing ideas about projects, events and just talking all things geek. Good to hear that Santhosh was interested about integrating dhvani with speech dispatcher for Orca screen reader. Sharing experiences of working with non-profits with Sayamindu and talking about accessibility issues on OLPC SUGAR. And exploring possibilities of doing Ubuntu Karmic release parties in Chennai and Bangalore with Parthan (technofreak), Renuka and Debayan.

I did catch few of the lectures of Ramakrishna on Enterprise Linux, Parthan and the presentation by the FOSSEE team.

Parthan Python newbie talk The Mallu Gang ! Praveen shows his Android G2 Baij T-shirt with topsy turvy logo What's Reappy ? Jinesh checking out Samsung mobile (Q2?) Hiran hacking my T-shirt with a pen :) The Food was Good! Where are the crowds ? Ah! 75 students took off to see the city! Prabhu Ramchandran charms the crowds The feedback !


  1. Hello Arky,

    It was good meeting you at the conf. I was looking forward to meeting Sayamindu as well but couldn't. A pity.

    Hope to see you again somewhere soon. :)

  2. @Noufal

    Great talking to you. We will run into each other at one events for sure.


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