Monday, November 9, 2009

Protospace Bangalore, A creative space for artists

Some creative endeavors start in the most unlikely places. For me it was waiting for my turn to bat. With my thick glasses and diminutive size I was the lowest in batting order of our gully cricket team. I would spend most of time perched on the moss covered walls along the boundary line. It wasn't that bad. I turned my creative prowess to covering the walls in chalk graffiti. Primitive cricket scoreboards, insults and expletives addressed to no-one in particular and in the height of my creative fervor I produced a simian that looked like a classmate of mine. The later did landed me in great deal of trouble. The boys mother stormed my house in such fury which is quite uncommon in mid summer. My good-for-nothing uncle number three came to my rescue, for which I am still grateful. I often buy him a bottle sometimes when visit home.

Though my nascent career in mural arts was snipped at bud on that fateful evening. I kept on scribbling through math classes in high school. In college, it helped me pull through dreadful lectures on supply and demand. It seemed my interest to be always in short supply. The only consolation in this unproductive part of my life, I lived life my way. From hazy dorm rooms and to my own digs in the city, Art was everywhere in the chaos of my lodgings. The spatter of ketchup (or was that curry) on the far side of the wall was inspired by Jackson Pollock. And the CD's spread on the floor among the books was straight out of Salvador Dali's 'La persistencia de la memoria'.

Looking back now, I feel a loss of those personal creative spaces and collaborations that started with rolling of a joint. Visiting Protospace filled me with some hope, perhaps all is not lost. Good luck and thank you for having me protospace team!.

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