Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daisy books on Linux

There is very little information on using DAISY : Digital Accessible Information SYstem ( DAISY ) digital talking books on linux operating system. In this post let me introduces two programs that allows linux users to read and produce DAISY digital talking books.

AnyDAISY DAISY Book Player for Firefox

You can read DAISY books with firefox web browser using AnyDAISY extension. Its been actively developed with the help of Benetech and Mozilla foundation. AnyDAISY Firefox extenstion

odt2daisy DAISY Book Creator for OpenOffice

You can quick turn your documents into DAISY book by using odt2daisy extension. Download this extension and you can export your documents into DAISY format. odt2daisy in Extension manager odt2daisy Menu option in

You can also use these extenstions on other operating system too. Please try them and report problems to the developers.


  1. FWIW, I am planning on adding Daisy support to Sugar during the next release cycle.

  2. Great Sayamindu, I would like help you with that.

    I got a OLPC, please keep posted on how to go about testing it.

  3. Vincent Spiewak released odt2daisy 2.1 last week. This new version is compatible with OpenOffice 3.2 and has been localised in a few more languages (French, Spanish, Dutch and apparently also Hungarian). Other localisation are still incomplete, but a call for help has been sent to the OpenOffice localisation mailing list. Of course, contributions in other areas are also welcome ;-) Check the feature requests at


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