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Getting Started with Weave 1.0 for Firefox

Just read the Linux Magazine tweet about Weave 1.0 for Firefox and Fennec. Don't remember when I last tried weave firefox addon. So I quickly installed the addon and found the connect and sync weave menu options were disabled. Figured out this its not a bug but the weave is just not yet configured. Looks like there is usability bug here. You can configure weave from Edit Menu > Preferences > Sync. Click on Create Mozilla Weave Account and provide new login information. The dialog warns about NoScript plugin but you can safely ignore that. Then you have CAPTHCA challenge and give a secret pass phrase. For now you can choose to sync everything or give custom settings. Enjoy the joy of weave and leave a comment to share your experiences about weave.

Swathi Sangeethotsavam 2010

The thunderstorm lasted all night, it was raining all sunday afternoon. The lake water is rising again, I resist the idea of going for a swim. First I need to finish the discussion about cultural diversity. We wrap up at 5:30 pm and its getting dark fast. I decide to head to town for evening of music and cultural at Swathi Sangeethotsavamn instead. The music festival is held every year in the magnificent courtyard of Kuthira Malika palace in Thiruvananthapuram.We spent the evening listening to carnatic vocal concert by Mavelikara P. Subramaniam. Sitting in the courtyard of the ancient palace, listening to the music from stage glittering with oil lamps, the sweet smell of flowers and the cold rain laded wind added magic to the evening. PS: Reminds me of a musical concert yet another rainy day.

Free software and the Blind: The IISE Experience

The challenges and experiences of adopting GNU Linux at Braille Without Borders - International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE). Linux is non-commercial operating system developed by the world wide Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) community. Driven by the values of freedom and sharing of software, it is one of biggest volunteer effort to develop alternatives for commercial software. The easy to use Linux operating system is stable, secure, accessible, virus free and available in almost every language of the world.
The visually impaired participants of IISE are introduced to Linux and given laptops with Orca Screen reader. They are encouraged to participate and contribute by providing feedback on various accessibility and usability issues. Using Linux resulted in huge cost saving and it is used extensively in running campus Intranet and Internet connectivity. The benefits of adopting Linux were apparent despite some of the shortcoming of Linux assistive techno…

A Retort To Remember

Quickly recorded Sabriye's retort when Cornelia commented about my technical abilities 'But Arky should know how to do that right?'. Pat came the reply, you know what 'Arky doesn't know shit'
What a great way to start the new year with a compliment. :) Have a wonderful New Year !!