Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Commwarrior Virus on Nokia N70

Nokia N70 My Nokia N70 was infected by Commwarrior worm during my stay in Bangalore. I always keep my Bluetooth connectivity disabled but the worm must have crept in via Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) or perhaps the memory card (RS-MMC) I picked up recently was already infected.

I tried to contain the worm right away by removing the GPRS/Data Access Points information and changing the phone Line In Use to line 2. The wor, would try to send MMS messages out and start the browser to connect to remote servers with .ru (Russia) domains, since both of them were blocked it started to crash and reboot every few minutes. Here is detailed steps to remove the commwarrior worm from your smart phone.

How to remove Commwarrior Worm From Nokia N70

F-Commwarrior - Tool to deactivate the worm:Download

  1. Download F-Commwarrior and transfer .sis file to phone(I used obexftp client to transfer .sis to phone)
  2. Click f-commwarrior.sis file to install the application
  3. Make sure that you have all applications closed
  4. Open F-Commwarrior application and select "Deactivate Commwarrior" from menu
  5. If Commwarrior is found phone boots immediately after disinfection
  6. Install F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus to finish cleaning up your phone


  1. Thx alot dear ........ it works... it really works.....

  2. it's not working on my nokia says "instalation security error unable to instal"
    what do i have to do???

  3. Dear Lucian make sure that you turn off the Online cert. check option in the phone settings.

  4. it doesnt work, i tried F-Commwarrior but when i try to deactivate commwarrior, it says "scan done, commwarrior not found" but there still is!! My memory card is already infected so...

  5. Hi
    I have a similar problem , I downloaded some applications from a site and I installed a jar application. Now my phone got a virus. I`ve tried everything, on my phone`s display it shows an image with the following text :
    " OH SHIT!
    I can`t do enythig.I`ve removed the memory card , the battery and the text is still there. I don`t know what to do .
    Please HELP ME :( ...

    1. Sorry to hear about your phone.

      I have no idea which malware/virus does this kind of damage. Never seen this one before.


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