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Showing posts from November, 2008 2008 :: Final Day 2008 :: Day 4

Day 4 @ 2008IndLinux Project BOF Beacon Workout Sharing ideas after Apertium talk Sachin Joshi demo's his Hindi ASR system Flashing the Neo FreeRunnerConnecting the FreeRunner with an USB cable and reseting it to boot from NOR dfu-util in action dfu-util writes the kernel and File system images to the device Just Messing Around ! Few more OLPC XO's sighted Lou B├ębert brought it his ubuntu studio turntables hookup XwaX UI External USB sound card ( look at scheme diagram) Ubuntu Studio PC Aasim tries his hand at DJing 2008 :: Sorting In Indic Locales Workout

Day 3 : Sorting In Indic Locales workout at 2008.Indic Workout In Progress Brainstorming Live interaction and collaborative editing using a wiki IRC chat room involved people from remote locations Hack on Checking out Telugu language sorting Getting started with Tibetan Posting hack notes to on twitter

Mumbai Burning

27 November 2008 Mumbai, India27 February 1933, Berlin, GermanyThis picture of Mumbai Taj burning spew all across the front page of the mornings paper reminds me of another photo of the Reichstag fire. Following the news from mumbai . 2008

Photos from Day One of in Bangalore. JN Tata Auditorium, IIsc Bangalore
Event Registration Counters Waiting for my turn Security chap wails 'laptops, laptops and more laptops' Gearing Up! Awwe What's that error! Getting a early morning Caffinee fix Lean crowds this year too Atul welcomes everyone to 2008 Harald Welte gives keynote address KDE stall Beagle BoardBeagle Board running E17 Exploring Freerunner New offering from Nokia Kapil's Debian posts on Google Blog Search photos on Flickr

Cellphone Woes of a Weary Traveller

'Somethings' they say, 'remain a mystery until someone comes along'. Few hours into the journey, I could feel some discomfort near the crotch and it has nothing to do with the pretty young thing few seats down the aisle. I forgot to switch off the cellphone and the constant jumps between tower, signal hunting has not only drained the battery but the handset was getting bit hot in my trouser pocket. Perhaps keeping the phone in offline mode seems to be better option, since I can quickly go online and make few calls when the trains stops in a station somewhere.Like most people I store all my contacts in the cellphone and absolutely none in my head. I stopping jotting down numbers on paper ever since the my address book floated away in a house flood caused by an open water tap. Last heard it was somewhere near the tropic of cancer. Darn! I don't fancy being stranded in a strange town with a dead cellphone battery. (Note to myself: start carrying dead tree address bo…