Closing Hanoi Hackerspace Site

Hanoi Hackerspace site is dead.

After few years of trying to build a hackerspace in Hanoi to promote make culture. We failed to secure a space to host the hackerspace and gather core group of makers. Later Eoin Kinsella and I have moved away out of Hanoi city.

Now it is up to other projects like FabLab Hanoi to carry on the torch.

Developing Firefox Add-ons Video Tutorials

Do you want to develop add-on's for Firefox? Mozilla's Add-on SDK let's you create Firefox add-ons using standard Web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Recently I stumbled across Alexander Saladrigas's videos tutorials that teach Firefox add-ons development with Add-on SDK. The videos introduce you to the tools for creating, running, testing and packaging add-ons and working with buttons, panels and tabs.

Thank you Alexander for making these videos. Hope to see more from you in future.

Training your Photographer's Eye

"All the technology in the world can't help you see a good picture" - John Greengo

For many years I traveled without a camera. Looking at the world, observing the people and the events. Becoming more aware of my surroundings and training my eye to see a good picture. The lack of camera removed the need to look through the lens or worry about the technicalities of photography.

Michael Freeman's The Photographers Eye book cover

Michael Freeman's The Photographers Eye is great way to continuing my training. The book teaches the fundamentals of design, composition, light and process of photography. The book is written in a simple jargon free language with some beautiful pictures. If you want to become a good photographer, do read and assimilate this book. It is *must* read for every aspiring photographer.

Buying Electronics Components in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Hong Kong and Shenzhen are mecca for hardware enthusiasts. In my previous blog post I shared about buying Arduino in Hong Kong. Let me share some more information about sourcing electronic components in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Dim Sum Labs Hong Kong's hacker space maintains a local guide to buy electronics on their Resources page.

View HK/SZ DIY Computer, Electronics (Hackjam/DSL) - Google Maps in a larger map

The Scoutbots projects aims to explore and protect the Oceans with Open Technologies. They maintain a comprehensive list of material suppliers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen here

Happy shopping!

Mirroring gnu/Linux screens on command line

It's my turn on stage. Smiling broadly I walk over to the stage with my computer. I worked hard on my slide-deck and pre-loaded all the webpages just in case the Internet connectivity failed. Connect my computer with a VGA cable to the projector and realize that I need to mirror my screen. So that the audience could see my computer screen on projector. That should be easy to do. So I open my computers display settings on Gnome control center and hunt for the 'mirror the screens' option. I can feel scores of eyes follow my every move. There is no option to mirror the display screens, I break into a cold sweat. I regret not saying a prayer to the demo gods.

Miracles happens, my fellow presenter Yang was my guardian angel. He had one trick up his shelve. He took the computer and typed this magic command into the terminal.

xrandr --output VGA1 --same-as LVDS1

That worked! I wipe the sweat and thank Yang profusely. Now it's show time.