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How To Organize A Mapping Party

We had a mapping party at NIT Calicut recently. After the first day of the event I shared some ideas to make such mapping parties better with GeoHackers team. Sajjad Anwar created this 'How to organize a mapping party' guide based on those ideas. After few corrections over the weekend I felt it is ready to be shared with everyone. Perhaps we turn this into neat mini howto. If you are interested please leave a comment or get in touch with me. Introduction Map-making or Cartography aided mankind from the time when lived in caves, the geographic knowledge and the compass guided the progress of our civilization. Today such wealth is only available to those who can pay huge royalties or license fees. OpenStreetMap project (OSM) takes its inspiration from Free Culture philosophy and aims to provide geographic information of the entire planet to one and all.Mapping parties are organized to teach map making skills and contribute to OpenStreetMap project. With the advent of GPS techn…

12th Bar Beach Party

Beer, Barbeque's and Blues at the The 12th Bar beach party in Kovalam The beach The Music The Blues And the food ! ( What more can one ask for) 12th Bar Band Johnny, You guys rock!

Veli Tourist Village

Veli Tourist village on the other side of Trivandrum city is very popular with tourists. Thats one reason why I didn't visit it until now. The village was created by the kerala tourism is built on site where Veli lake flows into the Arabian sea. As you enter the Veli tourist village, there is park with couple of artificial ponds and huge fish in dirty murky water but it doesn't seems to matter much. Everyone around is happy snapping pictures and posing. There are sculptures everywhere on the green grass. Some celebrating the beauty of female form other so obscure that no one gives them a second glance. And to top it all there is a huge power grid tower right middle of the park. Perfect ! Found a good spot on a stone bench and immersed myself in Philip Zimbardo's book The Lucifer Effect. It can be trying experience to ignore the crowds gawking at you. Its too hot to go walking yet, have to kill few hours before I start walking along the pathway on lake shore and then ont…

Loads of Linux Ideas

Its scrabble night. Now it is Isabel's turn to play. This word is for arky and she forms the word 'linux' on the board. :)

Daisy books on Linux

There is very little information on using DAISY : Digital Accessible Information SYstem ( DAISY ) digital talking books on linux operating system. In this post let me introduces two programs that allows linux users to read and produce DAISY digital talking books. AnyDAISY DAISY Book Player for Firefox You can read DAISY books with firefox web browser using AnyDAISY extension. Its been actively developed with the help of Benetech and Mozilla foundation. odt2daisy DAISY Book Creator for OpenOfficeYou can quick turn your documents into DAISY book by using odt2daisy extension. Download this extension and you can export your documents into DAISY format. You can also use these extenstions on other operating system too. Please try them and report problems to the developers.

Protospace Bangalore, A creative space for artists

Some creative endeavors start in the most unlikely places. For me it was waiting for my turn to bat. With my thick glasses and diminutive size I was the lowest in batting order of our gully cricket team. I would spend most of time perched on the moss covered walls along the boundary line. It wasn't that bad. I turned my creative prowess to covering the walls in chalk graffiti. Primitive cricket scoreboards, insults and expletives addressed to no-one in particular and in the height of my creative fervor I produced a simian that looked like a classmate of mine. The later did landed me in great deal of trouble. The boys mother stormed my house in such fury which is quite uncommon in mid summer. My good-for-nothing uncle number three came to my rescue, for which I am still grateful. I often buy him a bottle sometimes when visit home.Though my nascent career in mural arts was snipped at bud on that fateful evening. I kept on scribbling through math classes in high school. In college, …

An Evening at Silk Estate

Its sunday evening and it started to rain. It been raining for three days now. Sipping hot coffee I remember the weekend with fellow blogger Tys at his family estate in Nedumangad.It was a hot day when we left Trivandrum . The weather turned mild as we drove up the winding road to Nedumangad. As the car turned away from Nedumangad town, I caught a glimpse of massive Thirichittoor Rock. Thirichi means 'turn' or 'return' in Malayalam. The monkey god Hanuman lifted this rock seeking a life saving herb but realizing it was wrong hillock he put it back and the name stuck. We turned off the narrow main road, the sign above the gate says 'Silk Estate'. Before the Indian independence this was a mulberry plantation, the estate still bears the name. We stopped before a beautiful bungalow, it is surrounded by a rubber plantation. About 10,000 rubber trees the plantantion worker giving me tour told me. I never seen how natural rubber is made, all I know is what I seen i…